Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Oklahoma Summer

With an average sustained daily high of 110 degrees and many days in mid August between 118 and 120, I can honestly say that this is the hottest summer I have ever experienced.  I never thought that I would live in a place that would get that hot.  Now, my summer was really good.  In spite of the heat I still made good progress on projects, we still have a garden too.  Yes, it is small, but it is still alive and producing.  The animals did well too.  Yes it was a good summer.  A lot of progress and learning.  I learned that I can indeed survive 120 without an A/C.  During the day we kept the house at around 95 to 100, and that felt soo good after coming in from 120.  I got used to the heat to a point where 100 actually felt cool.

I think that the worst part of the summer all in all was the drought.  Here are pics of the ground in one of our pastures and near our poultry pen.  Notice the little bit of green in some of the pics, it is some kind of really tough weed still hanging on in spite of the dry ground.  For a while, I started wondering if we were going to be living in a desert.  Some of the tough native trees lost all of their leaves, all of the others lost a good percentage of their leaves.  Amazingly most of our fruit trees made it.  I think only one small one died from heat.

 Bucket is for size comparison, it is a standard 5 gallon one.  Later this crack opened up so much that I could stick my foot down it with boots on, and I wear a 13 wide.