Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I don't want to hear it anymore

America is a Christian nation.  Is it?  Show me some evidence.  Any?  I don't see any.  A nation that murders it's own future by the droves, condones sodomy, loves violence, and hates God.  What evidence is there that America is a Christian Nation?  Our very symbols are pagan.  We decorate our ports with statues of the goddess liberty, honour our leaders with obelisks, and use pyramids on our money.  America has multiplied it's sins as Sodom; and has not repented.  Nay, she is proud of her sin.  People say, "God Bless America", God already has, and we spit in his face.  He multiplied his blessings and his mercy, and yet we still reject Him.  He has warned us, justice will not hold back forever.  This nation is going to be judged for all of the blood, the innocent blood shed in it, and by it.   Prepare to meet thy Judge America.  The End is Near.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rain at last

Over the weekend we finally got some rain.  Praise Jesus.  It was two inches, and it was a nice gentle rain, so it soaked in better.  Everything is greening up so quickly, and the garden loved it.

A week before this rain, we had a wildfire start about 5 miles east of us, it burned approximately 60 acres, and possibly one house, or some other building.  It nearly burned two other homes.  Here are some pictures I took of it from our front yard.

 The house to the left is our neighbour's.  Notice the antenna tower in the centre, right to the left of the power pole.  The fire was just behind that tower.

Hopefully the rain will at least lessen the chances of fires.