Bucket List

This is my current bucket list as of September 2014. Not a lot has changed with what I want to do, rather priority has changed. I hope you enjoy this, and that it tells you a little bit more about who I am ;)

Part I

Serious things I want to learn or do in my life

Learn to fly.

Learn to be an elite driver, like my Dad.

Learn Spanish.

Learn to play a horn.

To be an EMT.

To build my own house.

Part II

Life Desires

To be like Christ, to please and serve him in all that I do.

To get married.

To lead someone to Christ.

To meet my online friends in person.

Own my own home and farm.

Raise a godly family with my wife.

Run my own business fix and making things.

Part III

Fun things I want to do

To fly all of my favorite WWII fighters. (Impossible I know, some don't exist anymore, but maybe, just most of them.)

To fly a B-17, and a B-25.

To drive a tank, not as a job, just for fun.

To fire a Mk 19and a M2 HB.

To fly a plane in an airshow, this does have limitations, I will not do anything I deem Stupid.

To fly an A10 Thunderbolt and fire it's gun.

Part IV

Fun things I want to own

At least one of my favorite WWII fighters.

A good DSLR before flying so I could get really good pictures of my flights.

A truck.

An English longbow.

A four wheeler.

A tank

Part V

Places I want to go

To explore the Grand Canyon.

To visit a large aviation museum.

To visit a tank museum.

OSR (Ohio Summer Rendezvous)

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