Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It seems but yesterday when this year began, how time flies.  This year has been so full, so much to keep us busy.  It is amazing, how, when you stay busy, time really goes so fast.  When I was child, I always thought that a year was a very long time, doesn't feel so anymore.  Remember the old saying, "Time flies when you are having fun."  It is true too, but, time is ever so much more of a blur when you are working hard.  Have you noticed this?
Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful blessed time, and I will see you next year, Lord willing,

God Bless,
                 Flame of Jah

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It is a human thing....

We follow men, more than the Living God.  We go to His word to prove what we believe. When we should be going to His word to see if what we believe stands up to it.  You cannot use the Bible to prove what you believe.  You must use it to see what you should believe, and to see if what you believe is truth.  When studying the Bible you must pray that God would remove all bias from you heart, that you might fully understand His word His way.  Many people today go to the Word to prove themselves right, and because of this heresy abounds.  If you find a good preacher, even if he quotes scripture a lot it does not mean he is right about his conclusions.  Got to scripture yourself, read it, ask God to take any bias out of your heart, and to show you what the truth is.
To summarize, don't make scripture support what you believe, make what you believe conform to scripture.  Don't go to the Bible to find something you already believe, go to it to confirm if what you believe is true.  If a man says the Bible says something, don't take his word for it, look at it yourself, to see if those things be so.  Don't use one or two verses to form a belief on, read the whole Bible, see what the whole counsel of God is.  Last of all, don't follow any man, ever, follow God.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Defense of my God

The following may sound harsh to you, even angry, it might offend you as well.  I am sorry, I can't stay quiet now, I just have to say this. What I am about to write, may make me lose all of my followers, I will just say ahead of time, if I offend you I am sorry, that is not the intention of this post.
Last night it finally dawned on me what most think predestination means.  I was so angry, and I determined that I will here, defend my God.  I have read that predestination means that God from the foundation of the world chose those who would be saved, and those who would not.  Man has no choice if he can get saved it is just whether God chose him or not.  From the Bible we learn that, God is a Judge, and the he is a Righteous Judge.  I want you to tell me how you can find in justice in that plan?  Do you think a Just and Righteous, Merciful God would create a group of people, just so he could throw them in HELL?  Really?  Would you call that just?  Let people burn for all eternity, separated from God, in unspeakable torment, nay not let, but create them for that?  So you think God created a group of men to go to heaven, and another to go straight to hell?  What kind of God is that?  Merciful? Just?  A God that would do that would just be, well, evil.  I have another question, How can God judge me, for my sin, if He made it so that I have no choice but to sin until he calls me?  What if He doesn't call me?  I am going to hell for sin that I have no choice but to commit, for it is said by some that we have no free will we are stuck in sin, and we are damned and have no choice about it.  We were created to sin...  And God is going to judge us for sin that He created us to commit...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

An oft misquoted verse...

“Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.”
I Corinthians 13:8

People love using this to prove tongues will go away, read the rest of it, I guess knowledge will vanish away too.  I guess as soon as knowledge vanishes away tongues will too.  I think all the modern churches using tongues is not of God, but, there is not any indication anywhere that tongues are no more.  I hope I didn't step on any toes here, I just try my best to take the Bible for what it says.


About a week ago we had a thunderstorm go through, during it, lightning struck a tree about forty yards away from the house, that was LOUD.  Here are pics of the tree, you can see the pieces of shattered bark hanging off of the twigs all over the place.  It was amazing examining the damage, just seeing how the would was just exploded apart.  These trees BTW, are extremely tough, their wood is so hard that it makes oak look soft just to put it in perspective.