Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tagged ;)

Okay, I don't do these kind of posts very often, but this one was too good to pass up.  You guys tag yourselves if you want to do it, and just use the same questions I answered :)  Please comment if you do tag yourself, I want to read your answers :)  Thanks goes to Lizzy for the questions :)

Your favorite bands/musicians?

The Wissmann Family, Southern Raised, Vivaldi, Beethoven

Your favorite actor?

I generally don't pay much attention to actors I am afraid :P  David White is pretty good.

Your favorite actress?

I don't pay attention to actresses either, let's see, Jennifer Lawrence is talented ;)

5 of your favorite books?

My Heart in His Hands: The story of Anne Judson of Burma By Sharon James
The Battles of the Constitution: By Robert Goldston
A Time for Trumpets: The untold story of the Battle of the Bulge By Charles B. MacDonald
Through Russian Snows By G.A. Henty
Adoniram Judson By Faith Coxe Bailey

Favorite tv show/series?

Hmm, Duck Dynasty :P  I've only seen snippets but it looks good :)

Least favorite food?

I'll eat almost anything, but raw asparagus fits in this category.

Favorite genre to read?

History/Historical Fiction  Okay, I know that is two.

Need an illustrator or know anyone who might? *wink-nudge*

I might need one, when my book gets to that point :)

Favorite historic era?

Probably Medieval

Favorite country?


Do you speak more than one language?

No, I still struggle with English :P