Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Anti-Calvinist Rant

Warning: Below is a rant, bring steel toes, you may need them.

Any of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I am an anti-Calvinist.  I am going to sum up my thoughts on Calvinist salvation below.

God created man in his image, as a sinner, then he doesn't like this sinner he created so he decides that he is going to judge this sinner for sinning, even though this sinner has no choice but to sin, (he was created that way remember,) this sinner is now condemned to an eternity in the flames of hell.  Okay, God made a whole world of sinners just like the first one, they are all condemned to hell for they all have sinned.  Then God chooses to save some of them from the judgment of hell.  These have all sinned just like the rest, they are just chosen now, so they are forgiven for the sins they were created to commit, and now they are special.  As for the rest of these sinners, they are doomed to hell.  They weren't chosen, so they get cooked. 

I know that sounds a bit silly, I meant it that way, but seriously folks, that is Calvinist salvation.  God creates man without a free will, creates him to sin, condemns him to hell for his sin, then chooses to have mercy on some, but burn the rest.  Do you call that just?  First God creates men to sin.  They have no choice.  Then he is going to judge them for the sin he created them to commit?  That is totally unjust any way you look at it.  That totally flies in the face of the definition of just.  God is just, and that is unjust, so that is not true. Next, God decides that he won't judge some of the men, and will have mercy on them, even though they have sinned like the rest.  This doctrine makes God look insane.  If you paint a wall red, you cannot be mad at the wall for being red.  You made it that way.

God is just, God is true, and God is not insane...
He created man a free agent, told that free agent not to sin, that free agent disobeyed, God then judged that free agent for his sin, and also provided an atonement for his sin, the blood of Jesus Christ.  If you believe on Jesus Christ, that God raised him from the dead, and you confess with your mouth that he is Lord, you are saved.  Why does it need to be more complex?  

P.S. For all of my Calvinist friends.
I don't mean any harm to any of you,
just please read and consider.