Monday, August 25, 2014

Ohio Summer Rendezvous

Okay, so, I'd love to go to this, I wont make it this year maybe next. Just because I am not going doesn't mean my friends should miss it.   So, friends, make sure you go (and tell me about it when you get back)

Shout-out for The Ohio Summer Rendezvous, 2014!! If you were homeschooled or are currently homeschooled (14 years of age or older,) and have the desire to worship God and make some awesome new friends, please join us! Challenging all attendees, new and old, to share this status update with EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Lets make this the biggest, most influential OSR to date!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Roll: Fact or Fiction?

    Let me make it clear, this is not a conspiracy post.  I am simply pointing out what seem to be obvious holes in the story of Flight 93 as put forth by the authors of Let's Roll.  I don't know what happened to Flight 93, we may never know, but I do know the story in Let's Roll doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

    I received "Let's Roll" as a gift from my parents, and for a long time I believed it.  I loved the story.  Then, I began to question more of what I read, some of the facts just didn't seem to line up with reality.  For a long time I just mulled it, finally I read the Flight 93 chapters again recently and this post is what I came up with. 

    Flight 93 only had 40 passengers, a 757-200 can hold 200 passengers in two class configuration, and because of its size the 757 is considered only profitable when it is three fourths full.  Why did flight 93 have so few passengers on such a long flight?  That would be a total loss to the airline with fuel and maintenance.

    How did paper survive the crash?  This crash vaporized all the bodies, burned most of the airplane up and somehow papers from the terrorists as well as two Bibles survived the wreck?  If the fire was hot enough to burn the trees and vaporize the bodies I don't think papers with those bodies would have gotten far.  Yet, somehow they claim in "Let's Roll" that they do have them.

    On page 203 it is stated, "Apparently the plane's autopilot and transponder-- the device that emits a signal by which a radar can track a plane--were switched off, and the hijackers were flying erratically...... now with the transponder turned off, the plane was flying under the radar."  Problem with this is, radars detect an aircraft even if the transponder is off, all the transponder does is tell what aircraft it is that you are looking at on the radar screen.  The radar will detect that aircraft until it is out of range or too low.

    On page 215 the plane is said to have started to dive, and somehow the terrorists lose control and don't know who is pilot in command.  How could that happen?  They are fighting over the controls, really?  Also, a 757 won't just go into a dive, they are too large for that, to put one into a dive and even roll it afterward like the story says takes time, they won't just easily flip and dive like a fighter.  I don't know the altitudes they were flying at when they dove, but if they were at any great altitude, that is over 20,000 feet, there is a very good chance the aircraft would have come apart in the air.

    On page 210 it mentions that the two terrorists previously left outside the cockpit are presumably called into it for their safety.  All good and fine except that on page 215 it sounds as if the fight has already started but the passengers haven't even gotten to the terrorists yet.  So did they get called in to the cockpit or not?  I know this was supposed to be all conjecture based on the cockpit recorder, but it is not even mentioned as a possibility that the guys were not inside the cockpit, and also, it is as if the pilot and co-pilot terrorists left their posts when the passengers attacked the door and the aircraft went into a dive on its own, which an airliner would not do, they are too stable.

    Okay this aircraft, dipped like "a spoon into a cup of coffee" and "blasts a hole 50 feet deep" yet it also exploded and scorched the trees, and almost completely disappeared.  Almost no pieces were found; a large engine part was found in a pond, a few scraps of airplane were found around the site and a few fragments were embedded in the trees.  So which is it??  Did Flight 93 explode above ground, or did it sink into the soft soil?  We have a problem, if it exploded with enough force to embed particles in the trees and send a large engine part one half mile, there would have to have been some serious ordinance on board.  Yet, even if there was ordinance on board, you would still have large wing parts and engines left over.  Explosions don't happen like in the movies.  There is not enough wreckage at the site for a surface explosion, yet aircraft don't just disintegrate when they hit the ground.  Even less so if they hit soft ground. If the mining site was so soft for the aircraft to actually dip into it, the wreckage would have been pretty easy to find, especially the engines.  Those engines are not small, soft things, you have a 9ft titanium blade, backed by a huge engine that is close to 11 feet long and 7000+ lbs.  Would that just disappear?  No.  Just no. I have looked at pictures of many airline wrecks, I have watched videos and read articles on them, the engines don't just vanish.  No matter how hard they hit the ground, there is always a ton of wreckage, most of the time the engines stay intact. 

    "Blasts a hole 50 feet deep"  Go look up pictures of the crash site, do you realize how much dirt would come out a hole that deep?  The dirt at the site proves that no one dug that deep, so how do they know that it went 50 feet?  They never dug that far, the hole is too small.  Just look at the pictures.  Really, on this subject, not even the airliner could have fit down that hole, 124 ft wing span, 155 ft length, 32 ft high tail (approximate if you are measuring from the bottom of the plane), 12 ft fuselage width.  That couldn't even fit the hole.  Look at the pictures.  Oh, and the hole "looked like a large, bloated cross in the ground."  If the plane went in nose first, it wouldn't be a cross, look at the proportions of the 757:  124x32.  The 32 ft would be the leg to the cross, then the cross bar would be 124 ft, that is not a cross.

    So my friends, please consider and research what I have written, don't take my word for it :) Don't believe just anything you see or hear, research it yourself. Question everything, and I mean everything. This whole world is built on a web of lies, don't get caught in it. Almost nothing in this world is the way it seems. Study for yourself, do your own research, don't believe others because they said so, come up with your conclusions after you research it. If you don't think, someone else will do it for you, and you will, like I, swallow some pretty big lies.   I did love that book at one time, I believed it, but I just don't think it holds up to facts.  Again, I don't know what happened to Flight 93, I do have more theories and facts to share on it, but that is beyond the scope of a post about "Let's Roll".  If you have questions, feel free to ask, if you disagree, don't be afraid to say so... 

God Bless,

    Flame of Jah