Saturday, April 25, 2015

They Need Jesus Too

“All Muslims are terrorists, we need to just kill them all so the world can be at peace.” Such statements send cold chills down my spine, especially when spoken by professing Christians. We have to remember that Muslims are just lost sinners like everyone else. All of them are going to hell just like everyone else. (Oh, and not every Muslim follows the Quaran, just like most Christians don't follow the Bible. So, not all Muslims want to kill everyone.) You did not believe at on time in your life, you spit in Christ's face too. Think of Paul, he did what he could to destroy the Church of God, he murdered innocent men, and women. I also think of Muslim fanatics that got saved they said they were fanatics because they were desperate to find God. They were looking for him desperately and they eventually found the true God. See what I am getting at here? Now another angle. What difference is there between us and them if we say to kill all of them? Many of Muslims want to kill all of us, we call that wrong. Hitler wanted to purge the Jewish menace from the earth, we say he was wrong for picking the Jews out and killing them. What difference is there between us and him? We picked out a group of men, women and children and want to kill all of them regardless of guilt? We want the heathens to not try to kill all of us Christians and to walk on our rights, yet we would do the same to the Muslims. The real issue with Islam is that they need Christ. They need to experience the love of God, something they have never seen as their god does not love. Remember this, everyone ever killed on this earth is a living soul either bound for hell or heaven, it is irrelevant what they have done, but only what they believe. It grieves me every time I hear of someone dying, if they were not saved, they are one more soul in hell. That cuts me to the core when I really think about it. Think of the all the souls in the middle east, all those lost souls, all those who are seeking for God desperately but only know their god of violence. Please, whenever you read something of Muslim violence, in your anger don't forget, they need Jesus too.

P.S. I hope this post doesn't go misunderstood, Islam is evil, I just don't want people to forget the human side of it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Some thoughts on The Battle of Five Armies

Recently my family and I watched The Battle of Five Armies, I've decided that while it is still fresh in my mind I would write down some thoughts I have had concerning it.

I really liked it as a movie. Lots of battle scenes, not a lot of sappy commentary, mostly just pure battle. The battles were fun, and at least for me the story was almost impossible to guess. The one on one fights tended to be exciting, but also very unreal. Legolas' fight with Azog's spawn was particularly unreal, though still very exciting. Anyway, it was an action movie so, I won't question it too much. On to more major things. I have three major problems with this movie, one of them really carries to all of the Hobbit/LOTR movies, one of them is specific to the Hobbit series and one is specific to The Battle of Five Armies.

1. The “spiritual warfare” scene in TBFA, I was shocked at how satanic the “good guys” looked, especially Galadriel. I mean, she was supposed to be a good guy, and she looked totally shockingly satanic. It just kinda shocked me to see that. Seems to be one more effort of the media to blur the lines of good and evil and call evil good and good evil.

2. The ring. In LOTR, the ring is evil, it cannot be used for good, and anyone who has it or uses it will be corrupted by it. This may be nit-picky but, in The Hobbit series, Bilbo is constantly using the ring for good, and never gets taken over by it, though he does lie about it every chance he gets which is never condemned. So, which is it, is the ring evil or good? It can't be both, and I don't think we can use evil for good. Very confusing.

3. There is no God. At all. Everyone draws from their own strength and power to do anything. It is all about are you more powerful than the force you are fighting. For us we have God, we can pray for strength, we have spiritual tools that do not draw from our own strength to battle the forces of evil. Praise God for that too, I can't imagine facing what we are facing today without the power of God and the knowledge that he wins. 

There, that gets that off my mind, now maybe I should write a post about why I think Frodo was a traitor and why I don't like him at all. That should start a war, LOL.